1UZ Clutch info Courier clutch slave cylinder fix

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1UZ Clutch info Courier clutch slave cylinder fix

Postby scruffy » Fri Sep 30, 2016 9:42 am

Recently I had to replace the clutch in my 91 Courier with a 91 !UZ. Had to replace with a kevlar clutch, heavier pressure plate and a new flywheel.

After putting all back together the clutch would not release all the way causing hard shifting. The fix was getting the slave cylinder rebored and reduced from a 3/4 inch bore to 5/8 inch. Smaller piston more force. Used the BNT service they use. Not cheap costs around $150. But was the complete fix. Clutch works really well now.

Emailed several places got conflicting info. The smaller bore really has worked though. One place thought only reducing to 11/16 would work. That was incorrect

Bled system by using a C clamp to hold a bolt in slave cylinder while bleeding. Really happy with the result.

Tried to use a master cylinder from a Toyota Landcruiser which is bigger than the Courier/Mazda B2200 one but could not get to fit not enough clearance with the right side of the valve cover.
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